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The fragrance of coffee accompanied by music; Tall, large windows allow the winter sun to shine on the canvas, make Professor Ni’s studio full of the feelings of peaceful and light.  He often smiled and asked: "coffee or tea?" And then personally brew each cup for the guests. Looking across the window, the Bund and the Huangpu River which breeding a century of colorful history lies out side of the studio. Compared to the noise outside, the indoor atmosphere more soothing. The works and creative materials are full of studio corner, floor, wall and furniture, none of which show the artist's personality and talent.


热爱旅行的倪志琪说:“旅行对于一个人来说是很好的学习方式,帮助你观看了解这个世界。”打开进入世界的眼光,他因此越走越远。出发是为了更好的回归,早期以超现实主义和立体主义的绘画在85美术运动中崭露头角的倪志琪,期待以西方的现代哲学和先锋派艺术为背景,实现艺术和个性的自由解放。九十年代初期倪志琪前往比利时安特卫普皇家美术学院留学深造,他与罗中立、姜陆等当代艺术家一起构成了中国现代美术史上影响深远的留比现象。在这所培养了凡·高等大师的艺术殿堂,他斩获比利时卡雷尔·维斯拉特(Karel Veslat)艺术大奖。

Ni Zhiqi, who loves to travel, said: "Traveling is a great way for one to learn and help you understand the world." He opened the door to the world and went further and further. Departure is for a better return. In the early 90s, he went to Belgium to study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and won the Karel Veslat Art Award in Belgium. 




Had been interviewed by the president of Singapore, the work was made into a Singapore stamp issue. Early in Surrealist and Cubist painting, Ni Zhiqi, who emerged in the 85th art movement, has now become  an accomplished Chinese artist..





A trip to Spain gained Ni Zhiqi a new inspiration, the perfect combination of Arab culture and ancient Greek culture made him shock. After the journey, he began to painstakingly collect traditional handmade paper to create, the carefully selected handmade paper layer by layer in the form of linen covering the surface to create a unique texture of the paper looming rough burr effect. Use bright or dull colors to draw the geometric patterns of the tiles on the seams left by the collage. This is the "Alhambra" series of works, obscure, introverted but direct.


《 阿尔罕布拉宫之十》

 <ALHAMBRA - NO. 10>

145 x 106 cm, 2017







The "Memory on Books" series is a collection of works by Ni Zhiqi, who used old books and magazines purchased from all over the world to print snapshots of different materials on paper. The combination of cross-border and pluralism is a break with the traditional presentation. Although each of these artistic practices is exclusive, photography is presented as a complementary part of the picture in this series, but the historical sense of the book, combined with the warmth of the moment of filming, is a fantastic present.


' Memories in the book '

Photography by iphone 6 in Paris



Ni Zhiqi's works have a minimalist plain, the overall tone of the work between the rice and light coffee, put an end to all the complicated interference, clean and simple texture can strongly arouse the materiality of any object, people can cross Colorful interference, but directly concerned about the work itself.


Another feeling that his works convey is empty. Empty does not refer to large-scale space, but the gap between things, sometimes it only expresses a time and thinking pause. This gap gives viewer a brief respite in the world of confusion and peace of mind.


Ni Zhiqi's works are not wantonly publicity but temperate passion. They emphasize the purity and elegance of the work itself in a rational and calm manner, and have deep cultural context and emotional fulcrum behind it. A consistent style of his series of works creates a multi-layered visual effect, arousing the viewer's rich feelings and perceptions.



Different from Mondrian's geometric abstraction, he prefers the lyrical abstraction with romance tendency. In Ni Zhiqi's painting, abstract and figurative, oriental culture and western culture are interwoven and inextricably linked. When he introduced his own work, he said: "My work is actually still something concrete. I only slowly extracted the essence of the object. The more the essence is refined, the more abstract the surface is. A lot of things I want to express my heart, may each have different feelings.




Because each person's feelings are different, 

so he put the issue to the audience.



In fact, the artist's spiritual world is not as complicated as people think. If it is too complicated, it is not true. After the spiritual world is excessively decorated, the picture will inevitably come with a kind of artistry, which will lose the existence value of art. The great art comes from the love of life and the interesting soul. Besides being an artist, Ni Zhiqi has multiple identities: university professors, style icons, coffee enthusiast, INS star, and so on. Weekdays in addition to careful guidance of his students, as long as there is free time, he will stay in his studio. This creative perseverance, make him skim the surface of art, closer to the true nature of things like this. Professor Ni Zhiqi often said: "It is the goal I pursue in my life to make the complicated things simple and to make the objects of the objects really abstract.




In the process of artistic creation invested by an artist,

 he is a kind of symbol in itself and more of a symbol.

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